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Waterways remediation

Check back to the project’s consent conditions and any other relevant obligations, to make sure that they have been upheld.

Reinstate and stabilise everything as soon as possible.

Remove all equipment, obstructions in the water and general debris. You may need a two-stage exit from the site:

  1. Remove as much of your equipment as possible at the immediate end of works. Leave only any necessary interim protective measures, eg silt fences and waratahs.
  2. Once the site has stabilised, return to remove all remaining equipment.

You may need to monitor the site for a period of time to ensure that it is stabilised. If you find that some areas need more stabilisation work, make sure that this remedial work is completed.

Debrief (meet to discuss) the project with relevant staff and stakeholders, to identify any lessons and new ideas that will help future projects.